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Crazy Idea Short Flash


Velmi lehké šortky s kapsami v pase. Uvnitř slipy z funkčního materiálu.

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Značka Crazy Idea
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Just some small edits divide the Short Flash from the original model presented in 1995, when the Sky market didn't exist, because of this we can define it as the "father" of the garments studied for the moutain running. It is produced with a light and performing external microfibre with a quick dry and water repellent treatment. The internal slip, differently from the biggest part of the products available on the market, is a true slip, fresh and supportive with seams on the other side to avoid any tipe of rubbing. The yoke is the most complete one, with 5 pockets to optimise the management of the gels, windproof and with all the details required for the long distance run. The external fabric has the bonded hem perforated with the laser.


  • Microperforated and water repellent external fabric
  • Slip with elevated support in microfibre with external seams
  • Complete yok with 5 pockets

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